Looking for a tried and true way to lose belly fat? Learn the 4 core diet changes you need to learn to flatten your stomach.

TL;DR: Best way to burn belly fat is to avoid eating added sugars and too much carbohydrates, and have more fiber and protein in your diet.

Avoid Eating Added Sugars

Burn belly fat by avoiding added sugarsMost added sugars are half glucose and half fructose. Fructose can only be metabolized by the liver. Studies have shown that consuming too much fructose can cause accumulation of belly fat and liver fat. What you should eat instead are whole fruits. Whole fruits contain a lot of fiber to mitigate the negative effects of fructose. Not only that, but whole fruits tend to have less fructose content that other refined sugar foods.

Eat more protein

burn belly fat by adding more protein to your diet.Eating protein helps to make you feel fuller and lower your appetite for more food. This helps lower your calorie intake. When you have a high protein diet, your body releases more Peptide YY, which is a hormone known to promote fullness.

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Avoid eating too much carbs

Studies have shown that lowering your carb intake can help you lose your fat in your belly and liver. It also helps you lose water weight, so you can see the weight loss effect within days. By lowering the number of carbs, you consume, your body goes into a ketosis state. A ketosis state will force your body to burn fats for fuel.

Eat more fiber

When you eat fiber, it breaks down in your digestive system and becomes gel-like. This helps slow down your digestive process and thus will make you feel full longer. When you feel full for longer periods, you tend to eat less. You can find fiber in many fruits and vegetables.’


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